Lo Presti’s Offers Fine Dining in Hamilton

What can you expect from Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s, a restaurant that offers fine dining in Hamilton?

Exceptional customer service – At Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s, we like to make our guests feel special. We start by meticulously training our wait staff to ensure that you receive the best professional and caring service. The formal attire worn by our staff also contributes to your experience of fine dining in Hamilton. Being both attentive and knowledgeable, our waiters are able to answer any questions you may have about our delicious menu items and impressive wine selections. In case of any dietary restrictions, Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s customers can rest assured that our wait staff is thoroughly familiar with all of the ingredients we use in our dishes. Our waiters are able to tell you how items are prepared and are ready to make recommendations if you so desire. Our attention to even the smallest of details makes Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s one of the best restaurants to offer fine dining in Hamilton.

Outstanding menu – Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s top-notch chefs, Terry Terpoy and Tim Doan, bring more than forty years of combined culinary expertise to your experience of fine dining in Hamilton. Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s offers traditional Continental and Italian cuisine together with new and innovative options created with the highest quality freshest seasonal ingredients, including produce, meat and seafood. All of our menu items are created in-house and are always presented in a unique and creative way to ensure your complete satisfaction. Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s also offers an extensive wine list, each of which has been paired with individual dishes we offer so that you have the perfect accompaniment for every meal choice you make. We also offer top shelf liquors and a wide selection of cognacs, brandies and other after-dinner drinks to complement your experience of fine dining in Hamilton.

Décor and atmosphere – The beautiful décor displayed at Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s was chosen with our customers in mind so that their experience of fine dining in Hamilton is enhanced to the maximum.  Our fine china dishes, glassware and flatware add further elegance to the aspect of fine dining in Hamilton. Subtle music and romantic lighting create a warm and cozy environment that invites patrons to come and delight in a calm and relaxing evening while enjoying a wide variety of cuisines.

Fine dining in Hamilton is synonymous with Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s. Make your reservations today by calling 905-528-0205. We are located at 165 Jackson St E. Hamilton ON L8N 1L6. We are open for lunch services from Monday to Friday and dinner services from Monday to Saturday. Our banquet room is available for rental on Sundays. Visit us today and you won’t be disappointed!