Secret Fine Dining Restaurants

Hamilton is home to some of Canada’s most impressive establishments for fine dining restaurants. The world of fine dining restaurants is exceptionally diverse. These places include several entrees as well as a large number of fine wines that vary by each location. These Fine Dining Restaurants are all located around Hamilton and even in a few of the cities located right outside Hamilton.

Shakespeare’s Steak and Seafood at 181 Main Street East is one such option to choose. It is known for its nine-ounce filet mignon, its twelve-ounce New York Sirloin and the King Henry VIII Cut bone-in prime rib. People can even order wild game when available like wild boar, venison or ostrich. There’s also a massive wine list to choose from while at Shakespeare’s.

The Hamilton Club at 6 Main Street East is a fine dining establishment that takes place in a vibrant and luxurious environment. It is home to several beautiful fine dining restaurants rooms with the Michael S. Schwenger Dining Room particularly having its own high-end menu. Pan-seared Atlantic salmon and King Cole duck breast are particularly popular here as is the cheesecake. There are also plenty of Canadian, Italian and American wines for sale here.

The Purple Pear at 946 Barton Street East has been around for almost twenty years but it has already become popular for its beautiful atmosphere and for prices that are sensible and easy to afford. For example, it only costs $25 to get a fourteen-ounce New York strip steak from the Purple Pear.

The Innsville Restaurant at 1143 Highway 8 on the eastern end of Hamilton in Stoney Creek is another choice to find. The restaurant has become beloved for its seafood and steak entrees and even for its many different special events. The Cuban lobster tail is an especially great type of entrée to find here. There are also plenty of soups and salads here including a house salad made with hard-boiled egg slices.

Lo Presti’s at Maxwell’s is located at 165 Jackson Street East and for serving some of the most vintage wines in all of Hamilton. It has a large and diverse menu with pasta, seafood and meat products including a rack of lamb and Alaskan king crab. All entrees served here are made with fine farm-raised and organic ingredients.

The Quartefoil Fine Dining Restaurants at 16 Sydenham Street in the western part of the city near Dundas is located in a rustic environment that is far from many of the city’s distractions. It is only a few blocks from the Dundas Valley Conservation Area as a matter of fact. It is a smart casual fine dining restaurant that specializes in its three-course meals. These include an appetizer like the daily soup, an entrée such as the organic salmon or beef strip loin and a dessert like a dark chocolate brownie.

All of these choices are great to see when finding fine dining restaurants. The choices that people have to go along with when finding great dining in the city are worth spotting because they include many fine entrees in some elaborate and beautiful surroundings. These will certainly be enjoyable for their beautiful settings and their attentions to detail.