The Secret to Choosing Meeting Rooms in Hamilton

Often, when planning business meetings, booking a meeting room within your office space is sufficient. However, there are times when on-site meeting rooms simply aren’t suitable. Whether it is a regional meeting, a companywide conference, or a holiday party, there are a few items you may want to look into before booking your meeting rooms in Hamilton:

  • Budget – how much will you spend on venue? Food and beverages? A/V equipment? Complimentary services? What are the deposit and payment options?
  • Cleanliness of meeting rooms in Hamilton – clean floor and/or carpet, paint on walls is intact and not chipped, décor is stylish and suitable for your event
  • Condition of area surrounding meeting rooms in Hamilton – is it clean? Safe? Ample parking? Accessible to disabled patrons? Are there any accommodation choices around for those seeking to stay overnight?
  • Room size – is it adequate for the number of people who will be attending?
  • A/V equipment availability at meeting rooms in Hamilton – Do you have access to a microphone? Screen? Projector? In-house phones? Internet? Easels and white boards? Are there enough electrical outlets available?
  • Catering – Is there a full service kitchen on site? What menu items are offered? Buffet or sit down? Can you book a tasting session? If your plan on serving alcohol at your event, are the meeting rooms in Hamilton include a fully licensed bar?

Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s, an elegant fine-dining restaurant, offers many of the services and amenities you may be looking for in a meeting rooms in Hamilton. Conveniently located at 165 Jackson St E. in Hamilton, Ontario, Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s is easily accessible and provides ample parking for all guests.  Our meticulously trained staff, always attentive and knowledgeable, is able to answer any questions you may have, ensuring that you receive the professional and caring service you are looking for. Our attention to even the smallest of details makes Lo Presti’s At Maxwell’s one of the best meeting rooms in Hamilton. Contact us today at 905-528-0205 to schedule your complimentary visit.

Whether your event is held in the morning, afternoon or evening, you can rest assured that the room décor and lighting options offered at our meeting rooms in Hamilton create the perfect atmosphere for your office occasion. If you do feel the need to add some extra décor or would like to display any promotional material related to your business, feel free to do so. Depending on the season, our meeting rooms in Hamilton are centrally heated or air conditioned. A/V equipment, including microphones, screens and podiums, are available upon request.

Our outstanding menu is the perfect for any event. We offer traditional Continental and Italian cuisine together with new and innovative options created with the highest quality freshest seasonal ingredients.  All of our menu items are created in-house and are always presented in a unique and creative way to ensure your complete satisfaction. We also have a fully licensed bar on-site.